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Coaches Corner:

Head Coach 

Cammy Gill

Head Coach - Founder

  • Edinburgh & Dunfermline

  • Uefa B GK qualified

  • 6 years pro GK experience

  • Currently playing for Cowdenbeath F.C.

All of our coaches are young / enthusiastic and are still involved with the game at different capacities. A lot of us have past experience with Pro Youth set ups and we feel our experiences can help us relate to our young Keepers.


Brandyn Bain

Edinburgh Coach

  • Edinburgh area

  • 18

  • 1.3 SFA GK badge

  • Youth with HMFC academy

  • Currently playing football with Edinburgh City u20's

  • Coaching for over 1 year


Jay Cantley

Edinburgh Coach

  • Edinburgh area

  • 19 

  •  Has been involved with Pro youth / professional football for 11 years

  • Currently playing football with Airdrie F.C.

  • Coaching GK's for just over 6 months


Robbie Urquhart

Edinburgh Coach

  • Edinburgh area

  • 21

  • GK Coach for over 2 years

  • Previous for Edinburgh South youth FC

  • Currently playing football with Edinburgh South Ameatures

  •  Dunfermline area

  • 19

  • SFA GK level 1.1

  • Advanced qualifica-tion in sports coaching

  • Previous career with Fife Elite (pro youth), Raith Rovers & Forfar 

  • Cureently playing with Lochelly in EOS


Craig Richardson

Dunfermline Coach

  • Dunfermline area

  • 20

  • SFA GK LEVEL 1.3

  • Previous clubs include Kelty, East Fife & multiple EOS teams

  • Currently playing football with 

  • Coaching GK's for just over 6 months


Ben Duffield

Dunfermline Coach

  • Dunfermline area

  • 17 years old

  • Working towards SFA GL Level 1

  •  Previous clubs include Forth Valley & St Johnstone

  • Currently playing football with Galafairydean u20's

Sam Mcguff

Dunfermline Coach

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